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Our business model is a proven professional pathway for success that has everyone focused on a common goal.

  • Safety QA/QC
  • Team Problem Solving
  • Collaborative Effort
  • Reliable Engineering
  • Pre-Planning
  • Target Man Hours
  • Target Cost
  • Risk Management
  • Shared Success

Delivering Best Cost By Adding Value At Every Step.

corrigan model
home collaboration network of commitments last planner Drawing & Specification Review Constructability Studies Plan Variances Tradesmen Review Cost Reduction Opportunities Routing Review Interference Analysis-3D Increase Plan Reliability Design Assist Modular Design Jurisdictional Management Collaborative Target Cost Safety QA-QC Accountability Project Controls Request for Information (RFI) Quick Respond & Change Proposal Request (CPR) Quick Respond Labor Scheduler Subcontracts Benchmarks Cost Accounting Material Tracking Off-Site Storage & Staging General Foreman Foreman Journeyman Shop Fabrication Look-Ahead Schedules Inventory Of Ready Work Workflow Reliability