Ameren Portage Des Sioux Power Plant

Flue Gas Desulfurization Project
This project took approximately 2 ½ years to complete and had a peak crew of 110 Craftsmen.

We took an open book approach and audits were regularly performed by Corrigan Company, MC Industrial (General Contractor), Ameren and the Pubic Service Commission. Any concerns or issues were address and solved in a timely manner. Corrigan had on site project managers, detailers and clerks coordinating the work, tracking the installation progress, recorded the project productivity and assembling bi-weekly and monthly detailed summaries of all labor, material and equipment costs. Monthly cost projections were prepared allowing the owner to accurately forecast cash requirements.

  • Corrigan installed thousands of feet of pipe including welded carbon steel pipe, welded stainless steel pipe, fused HDPE pipe, and bonded fiberglass pipe and brazed copper pipe
  • Pipe size ranged from ½” tubing to 48” diameter heavy wall fiberglass pipe with corrosion liner
  • Pipe was underground, above ground, on pipe racks, in eight different process building, inside vessels and anywhere from 10’ to 150’ above the ground
  • Corrigan fabricated thousands of feet of pipe with thousands of welds at our fabrication facility
  • Piping systems included service water, hydraulics/lube oil, limestone slurry, gypsum bleed, compressed air, domestic water, hydrogen gas, powdered limestone transfer, gravity drains, and mist eliminator piping
Portage Des Sioux Plant