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Our business model is a proven professional pathway for success that has everyone focused on a common goal.

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  • Safety QA/QC
  • Team Problem Solving
  • Collaborative Effort
  • Reliable Engineering
  • Pre-Planning
  • Target Man Hours
  • Target Cost
  • Risk Management
  • Shared Success

Delivering Best Cost By Adding Value At Every Step.

corrigan model

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Drawing & Specification Review Constructability Studies Plan Variances Tradesmen Review Cost Reduction Opportunities Routing Review Interference Analysis-3D Increase Plan Reliability Design Assist Modular Design Jurisdictional Management Collaborative Target Cost

Safety QA-QC Accountability Project Controls RFI Quick Respond/CPR Quick Respond Labor Scheduler Sub-contracts Benchmarks Cost Accounting Material Tracking Off-Site Storage & Staging

General Foreman Foreman Journeyman Shop Fabrication Look-Ahead Schedules Inventory Of Ready Work Workflow Reliability


1 – Collaboration


  • Drawing & Specification Review

    As plans and specifications are developed, so is the COST ESTIMATE. Estimating is a careful and thoughtful process that is designed to identify any gaps in the design process and to test the integrity and reliability of the budget.

  • Constructability Studies

    This is a critical pre-planning, conceptualizing and budget development step. What’s the most cost effective way to build it? Here we apply the reality test that is critical to any construction proposal and budget.

  • Plan Variances

    It’s a lot easier to make changes with paper or CAD images than it is to change pipe, sheet metal, wiring and drywall. In this step the team reviews the plan details to identify any potential issues and offers solutions.

  • Tradesmen Review

    Everyone on the job adds value if you empower them to do their best. Highly-skilled tradesmen are encyclopedias of knowledge and experience. When solving unforeseen problems these men will improve the work plan and upgrade the thinking with lessons that they’ve often learned the hard way.

  • Cost Reduction Opportunities

    Value engineering results from getting the input of every respected team member. By creating a listening environment, suggestions can be easily made, evaluated and rapidly implemented. Free-flowing communication between partners focused on the same outcome produces surprising savings in manpower, materials and time.

  • Routing Review Interference Analysis – 3D

    Corrigan Company uses state-of-the art computer modeling. Routing review identifies interferences and allows us to visualize and review the job in the virtual world. Sharing this information with all team members coordinates the mechanical systems in the most cost efficient manner.

  • Increase Plan Reliability

    The previous steps result in increased plan reliability. These ideas and improvements generated by the team participants will exponentially improve communication and process planning. It allows us to fully define the scope of work and refine pricing.

  • Design Assist

    It is imperative to have a process established where a team of professional problem solvers can jump in on any issue to assist owners, engineers and vendors. Design assistance is a hallmark of the Corrigan Model.

  • Modular Design

    In this step, we identify the opportunity to build sub-assembly components off-site in a more efficient shop environment. We then stage them for just-in-time delivery and installation at the job-site. This enhances safety, reduces cost and allows for controlled fabrication and step-by-step quality assurance inspections.

  • Jurisdictional Management

    In this step, we discuss jurisdictional issues prior to commencing work. These issues remain off-site and are solved in pre-construction conferences that will payoff with a more productive, uninterrupted workflow.

  • Collaborative Target Cost

    This is the cost that has been developed with the input of the owner, architect, engineers and contractors. Everyone’s participation and solid thinking create a much more reliable target budget.


Every successful endeavor requires the leadership and support of the ownership and top management. Collaboration reliability and trust are built by these guiding Corrigan principles:

  • An engaged and enlightened owner is the key component
  • You can’t make a contract with a man who isn’t in the room
  • Adversarial relationships are not productive
  • You can only expect what you pre-plan and inspect
  • Everyone adds value if empowered to do so
  • Open communications builds teamwork and creates better solutions
  • Reliable partners build mutual respect
  • Thinking things through upfront is far cheaper than re-doing work
2 – Network of Commitments


  • Safety QA & QC

    SAFETY is an action word. Our commitment to safety is first and foremost to Corrigan Company’s skilled workforce. IF IT’S NOT SAFE, WE WON’T DO IT. We have developed a comprehensive quality control system as part of our ISO 9001 Certification.  This effort is driven by Corrigan’s long-standing tradition of providing quality mechanical systems to our customers using the best possible resources.

  • Accountability

    This is the realization that we are all accountable to each other for our professional and personal performance as part of a team that is focused on shared success, cost control and quality. We all win in this kind of environment where everyone shares knowledge, expertise and experience while keeping their commitments to each other.

  • Project Controls

    Corrigan is very strong in this area. We build into the scope of the work, cost control and scheduling milestones that result in a control system that maintains safety and continually tracks productivity to stay on budget and on schedule.

  • Request for Information (RFI) Quick Respond & Change Proposal Request (CPR) Quick Respond

    Despite the best planning efforts by every team member from the owner on down, unforeseen situations and changes in circumstances may still be encountered. In many cases, these events can bring an abrupt halt to productivity while the chain of command deals with the request for information. Time is money…so the speed of response is critical because no one wants to pay for loss time. These two systems enable us to get information right to problem-solvers and decision-makers, who can authorize fast action to rapidly address and resolve any issues.

  • Labor

    Today’s highly-skilled and well-trained tradesmen are a huge contributive component to the success of any job. Pre-planning allows the tradesmen to work together in harmony utilizing each person’s skills to the best and highest level.

  • Scheduler

    On-line, real time scheduling and updating are built into the Corrigan Model with logistics, staging and material delivery in mind so that our skilled tradesmen are correctly deployed and properly utilized in the most effective and efficient manner.

  • Subcontracts

    Subcontractors are fully-engaged partners in the Corrigan Model and need to have a thorough understanding of their role in the “big picture.” Information is open and free-flowing to facilitate dialogue, input and efficiency. This information sharing allows everyone to contribute their best.

  • Benchmarks

    This is how we measure progress and performance. You can only expect what you inspect. Productivity is tracked on a daily basis. Benchmarks let us know how the team is doing at every step.

  • Cost Accounting

    Fiscal responsibility is a core competency, not an after thought. The accurate planning,forecasting and monitoring of all time and materials costs are critical to effective and efficient project management. Careful and strategic pre-planning sessions with the entire team results in a more productive environment and better cost control.

  • Material Tracking

    This is the art of having things arrive when and where you need them in a work-ready manner. Proper logistical planning and daily information input on job progress enable us to manage the flow of materials into the job site in a manner that enhances the performance of skilled tradesmen and avoids costly downtime and delays.

  • Off-Site Storage & Staging

    This contributes to a safer and more secure job site, because it is less cluttered with material. Storing and staging material for delivery on an as needed basis enhances job flow and manpower efficiency. Corrigan Company operates multiple fabrication and storage facilities covering over 12 acres with combined capabilities that enable us to store and stage materials and pre-fabricate components for just-in-time delivery.

Network of Commitments

Planning leads to promises that get kept. Making and honoring commitments requires conditions that promote respect, reliability and trust. Trust among team members creates an environment to exceed expectations and achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.


3 – Last Planner


  • General Foreman

    The General Foremen at Corrigan Company are the best in the business, PERIODUnderstanding the job, planning the work and matching skilled labor forces to work assignments is their primary skill. Our General Foremen see to it that our men have the materials, tools and equipment to work safely and steadily without interruption.

  • Foreman

    The Foreman is the team’s quarterback. He is a highly skilled union tradesman who has risen through the ranks because of his leadership skills. He is a master of his craft, a teacher who has earned the respect of his co-workers because of his professionalism and problem-solving abilities.

  • Journeyman

    The Journeymen are hard working skilled union craftsmen who take great pride in their work. On the front lines, they assist in planning the work and then working the plan. These experienced craftsmen are encyclopedias of knowledge and are encouraged to continually recommend improvements to the process to create a better quality product.

  • Shop Fabrication

    3D drawings flowing from the Design Development and Collaboration stages are moved to production in order to pre-fabricate as much of the material as possible in a safe quality-controlled environment for just-in-time delivery to the jobsite.

  • Look-Ahead Schedules

    The right hand has to know what the left hand is doing.  Work in progress is tracked daily and projected into a rolling 3-week look-ahead schedule. Plans are reviewed daily, coordinated and measured to make sure project commitments from all team members are in sequence.

  • Inventory of Ready Work

    Corrigan Company’s goal is always be looking at least 3 weeks ahead in order to help every team member stay synchronized with the approved plan. All team members are kept aware of the order of work. Ready work scheduling is coordinated to keep people from getting in each other’s way. General Foremen and Foremen see to it the men will have material, tools and equipment – READY TO GO.

  • Workflow Reliability

    This is where the rubber meets the road. The sum total of all planning and commitments from all team members is blended to create a quality product in an uninterrupted, seamless manner. NO CHANGE ORDER, NO CLAIMS.

Last Planner

The last planners are also the doers, the people who actually perform the work. From first concept of the job to planning, collaboration and commitment, these men and women make it happen. Skilled craftsmen take charge to implement a smooth workflow in a safe, well planned and accountable manner.