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Corrigan Model


Every successful endeavor requires the leadership and support of the ownership and top management. Collaboration reliability and trust are built by these guiding Corrigan principles:

  • An engaged and enlightened owner is the key component
  • You can’t make a contract with a man who isn’t in the room
  • Adversarial relationships are not productive
  • You can only expect what you pre-plan and inspect
  • Everyone adds value if empowered to do so
  • Open communications builds teamwork and creates better solutions
  • Reliable partners build mutual respect
  • Thinking things through upfront is far cheaper than re-doing work

Drawing & Specification Review

As plans and specifications are developed, so is the COST ESTIMATE. Estimating is a careful and thoughtful process that is designed to identify any gaps in the design process and to test the integrity and reliability of the budget.

Constructability Studies

This is a critical pre-planning, conceptualizing and budget development step. What’s the most cost effective way to build it? Here we apply the reality test that is critical to any construction proposal and budget.

Plan Variances

It’s a lot easier to make changes with paper or CAD images than it is to change pipe, sheet metal, wiring and drywall. In this step the team reviews the plan details to identify any potential issues and offers solutions.
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